Designed to slip into backpacks and keep gear and food safe, dry and organized.

Waterproof, shockproof organizer that easily slips into backpacks.

The ultimate backpack organizer! Designed to easily slip into backpacks. Strong and tough for the most demanding adventures. Perfect for the gear and food you need to keep dry, safe and easy to find. The containers lock into each other and can be combined endlessly. Each container has a double-sealed lid that makes it waterproof and airtight.



After research and customer feedback, we identified the need for a packing concept specifically designed to easily slip into backpacks. And, at the same time, be shockproof plus waterproof to keep gear dry and safe.



For Add-a-Twist we have created new colors, inspired of the early morning haze in the forest, by the sea, at the mountains. Misty and pale but still so colorful.

Add-a-Twist™ colors


  1. Different sized containers

    Flexible to meet your needs.

  2. Stacking design

    Keeps lids and bottom of containers free from dirt.
    Add, remove and rearrrange containers with a simple twist.

  3. Bayonet lock

    Open and close, quick and easy.

  4. Double sealed lid

    Waterproof seal keeps gear dry.

  5. Shockproof

    Sturdy construction and strong PP material (polypropylene).

Add-a-Twist™ technical properties

Product details

Add-a-Twist™ product details

Component details

Add-a-Twist™ component details

Art nr / EAN code

Add-a-Twist™ article nr / EAN code


Add-a-Twist™ packaging

Add-a-Twist™ package